COVID-19 Policy

The measures put in place to protect you – and us – as we re-open following Government guidance.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention & Control Policy

All of us have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I have missed being able to offer you the treatments that I know you love and I am looking forward to seeing you again as soon as possible. As you know I am a small home based salon and do not have a big foot fall so I hope you find these measures reassuring.  My priority is to keep you as safe as possible and prior to re-opening the salon I have implemented a number of changes which I would like to make you aware of.

During the time the salon has been shut, I have completed the following courses to ensure I am up to date:

  • Coronavirus: Taking Proactive Action.
  • Barbicide Covid-19 Certification for the Professional Beauty Industry Training.
  • Salon safety and Salon Hygiene.


If I or anyone in my home feel ill or has symptoms of COVlD-19, we will all self-isolate immediately for 14 days and not open the salon as I am home based. This may mean that I have to cancel your appointment at short notice. I appreciate that this may be inconvenient, but it is done entirely for your own safety. If your appointment is cancelled, I will rebook your appointment as soon as I can.

If you or any of the people you live with feel ill or display any symptoms of COVlD-19 – please advise me as soon as possible and DO NOT COME TO THE SALON FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT.

Clients will be screened prior to appointment and expected to answer a few questions which will be sent with appointment reminders.  You will be asked:

  • Have you tested positive for COVID19 or been in contact with someone who has in the past 14 days?
  • Have you been tested for COVID19 and are currently awaiting results?
  • Have you or your immediate contacts travelled abroad in the last 14 days?

Treatment will be declined to any client with a positive response.

On entry to Captivating Beauty your temperature will taken with a non-contact infrared thermometer. If your temperature is above 37.3ºC (normal range) then you will not be able to enter, and your treatment will be declined and rebooked for 14 days later.

High risk / vulnerable clients / those with pre-existing medical conditions may wish to re-consider attending for treatments until advised it is safe to do so by the government.

Visiting the salon

For your safety and to maintain social distancing, I will ask that you attend your appointments as close to the appointment time as possible. Please do not turn up early for appointments as this may mean that you may come into contact with other clients who are just leaving. Please wait in your car until your appointment time.

Please refrain from hugging or shaking hands.

Please limit the number of belongings you bring into the salon. Coats should be left in the car where possible.

Shoes are to be removed at the front door and placed into the storage box provided, along with handbags, phones and keys. This container will be carried upstairs by the client and placed on the floor of the salon.

Please do not place anything on the beauty bed, shelves or cupboards.

I will be leaving longer between appointments to ensure everywhere has a thorough disinfection before and after each client.  I have increased the frequency of cleaning in the salon including making sure that any common areas, such as toilets door handles, and bannisters etc. are wiped clean using disinfectant products between each client. All tools and equipment will be disinfected or sterilised in line with the specific manufacturers’ instructions for your safety. 

Wherever possible I will utilise environmentally, friendly, single use items during your treatment that will be disposed of safely after use in order to protect you from cross infection.

All fleecy blankets have been removed. Please bring socks/jumper to keep yourself warm or feel free to bring your own blanket.  There will be a plastic medical cover which will be wiped down between each client and removable washable bed covers that will be replaced between every client. Extra salon cleaning equipment/solutions have been purchased. The Lash pillow will be covered in a plastic medical cover and couch roll. The couch roll will be replaced with every client and the plastic medical covers sprayed and then changed accordingly.

You will have access to soap and hot water to wash your hands. You will be limited to using the upstairs bathroom.  Disposable paper towels are available for you to dry your hands. Hand sanitiser will also be available for your use.

l will understand, and not be offended if you arrive wearing a facemask/face covering or disposable gloves.  During your treatment masks/face coverings will be required. Disposable masks will be available at a small cost of £1 if you do not have your own.  If you have your own mask, please bring it with you. I will not wear gloves during your procedure as this hinders the treatment.

I can confirm that the laundering of salon towels and my uniform is a priority I can assure you that all salon laundry is washed at 60ºC. All disposable items are binned/bagged and safely removed from the treatment room each day.

Our Treament

I have carried out a risk assessment on our treatment the best I can and I am confident that I can continue to provide this safely with a few tweaks.

During your Treatment

I understand the importance of hand hygiene and I will ensure that I wash my hands in according with NHS recommendations before the start of your treatment.

I will try to make your treatment as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. If you have any concerns about your treatment, please let me know and I will do what I can to satisfy you.

After the treatment

If you would prefer to avoid handling cash, I ask you to pay for your treatment in advance by bank transfer. I do not have a card machine and will not be chasing anyone for payment. I am still happy to accept cash if you prefer.

I know this all sounds a bit scary but all of these procedures have been implemented for your safety and mine. Without these measures I will not be able to re-open safely. Obviously as the government lift’s restrictions, I will be able to amend and lift restrictions too.

I will continue to take advice from the Government and the NHS regarding safe practice and will amend them as necessary.

Thank you for your understanding.

Leah Byrne

Last Updated: 29th July 2020